Air Worldwide Corporation

Air Worldwide Corporation is contracted by PCRIC and its activities include:

  • To act as Calculation Agent for Season 9 of the PCRAFI Insurance Program, renewing November 1, 2020.
  • To assist the Directors, Insurance Manager and Reinsurance Broker of PCRIC as required in the analysis, placement and delivery of the portfolio of PCRAFI insurance and reinsurance policies for Season 9.
  • Address product development questions relating to refinement of the existing models/products/processes for existing PCRAFI Sovereign Parametric and Livelihoods products (and potential variants) and/or development of new products.
  • To produce Calculation Reports of the scope detailed in the Calculation Agency Agreement to be entered into separately by the Calculation Agent and PCRIC following the occurrence of potential covered events, and the receipt of Calculation Notices from PCRIC.
  • To produce a country event briefing as per the template used during previous seasons of the PCRAFI Insurance Program.

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