Adjusting to Circumstances with Technical Precision

Provision of appropriate Technical Assistance (TA) to the region is a high priority for PCRIC. TA available through PCRIC is designed to address recognised needs amongst the region’s island nations.  These include:

  • elevation of the understanding and positive economic impacts of well-executed disaster risk financing and insurance
  • development of tools to support government-level decision making on financial solutions for climate and disaster risk
  • provision of relevant technical training designed to strengthen post-disaster public financial management including post-disaster budget execution, mobilization and reporting
  • promotion of regional knowledge sharing.

Over time it is expected that PCRIC’s TA program will result in:

  • improved institutional capacity across the region to develop and implement disaster risk financing strategies
  • new product development to complement existing options
  • in collaboration with the private sector, expansion of domestic and regional insurance markets
  • increased regional collaboration in the area of disaster risk finance.