Jessica Schade

 Captive & ART 

Jessica is a Chartered Accountant with a background in Finance and Economics. She has been forming and managing Captive Insurance Companies for major New Zealand and Australian clients since 2007.

Jessica is widely considered as the foremost expert in New Zealand in this space, her advisory services on Alternative Risk Transfer solutions are sought after by boards, management teams and external advisors representing a variety of international corporates, financial institutions and membership bodies.

In addition to working with clients on ART solutions to optimize their individual short and long term risk financing strategies, Jessica has worked alongside organisations such as the World Bank on global initiatives to develop risk financing and insurance products which support humanitarian wellbeing and improve the financial resiliency of developing nations.

A founding member of the New Zealand Captive Insurance Association, Jessica is heavily involved in lobbying legislators in New Zealand and the Cook Islands to ensure legislation remains fit for purpose and relevant to Captive Insurance Companies.

This deep knowledge of the legislation and the fostering of excellent relationships with regulators has ensured Jessica’s reputation as the leading advocate for all Captive Insurance Companies in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.